Make your own newspaper pot

This is a cheap way to make your own recycled pots in which to grow your plants from seed. It'll keep the kids busy too.

If you are going to grow your own plants from seed you don’t need to waste money on expensive plastic seed trays or peat pots; make your own out of newspaper.

The finished pots are quite sturdy and will break down quickly once they've been planted in the soil.

What you need

  • Black and white newspaper
  • A small, glass jar

How to make it

1. Lay a full sheet of black and white newspaper flat. Don't use shiny, coloured paper as it may contain heavy metals that could drain into your soil.

2. Fold the paper in half lengthwise twice to form a long, narrow strip of folded newspaper.

3. Lay a small, glass jar on its side and place it on one end of the strip of paper. Roll the newspaper around the jar. The jar is used only as a form to roll the paper around. About half of the strip of paper should overlap the open end of the glass.

4. Push the ends of the paper into the open end of the jar. This step doesn't have to be neat and tidy; just stuff the overlapping newspaper into the jar.

5. Pull the jar out of the newspaper pocket so you have the newspaper pot in your hand.

6. Push the bottom of the jar into the newspaper cup, squashing the folded bottom to flatten. This step will seal the bottom of your pot. Once the pot has been filled with soil, the bottom will be secure.

7. Pull the jar out and you have a finished paper pot, ready to grow seeds in.

Thankyou to The Big Lunch for this idea.

Homemade newspaper plant pots